We accept the following conditions for entry:

Participation in the ToyAward is restricted to exhibitors at the 72nd Spielwarenmesse®. Only products not been presented in this form at any Spielwarenmesse® before 2022 can be entered for the award.

Only fully finished products can be entered. The products have to be available for delivery from no later than 1 September 2022. Product drawings or non-working samples are not admissible for the competition.

Entries will be handled in strict confidence. All nominated products will first be announced at the main press conference for the Spielwarenmesseon 27 January 2022. The winners will be formally announced at the PressPreview 2022..

Each company may enter a maximum of three products.

All shipping and customs charges must be paid by the company entering. The product must be delivered free house, after receiving the sending request.

The product must be received by Spielwarenmesse eG in a fully assembled and working state. Necessary additions, e.g. batteries, have to be included.

The product will also be tested by the jury for its ease of operation. Spielwarenmesse eG accepts no liability for any damage occurring.

The winners agree to use the ToyAward logo on the product package.

The winning and nominated products will be promoted throughout the duration of the fair across our digital media.

The products cannot be returned by Spielwarenmesse eG, but they can be collected during the fair from Herderstrasse 7, 90427 Nuremberg.

Spielwarenmesse eG and any service providers commissioned by the former do not accept any liability for the loss or damage to products entrusted to them or their staff, except in the case of willful intent or gross negligence. Any liability shall be limited to the wholesale price of the product as a maximum. Spielwarenmesse eG shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by third parties.

All registered data and products, as well as their photos and product descriptions may be used by Spielwarenmesse eG for marketing and promotion campaigns on the ToyAward and for reports on novelties in the Spielwarenmesse Media. On behalf of this, service partners of the Spielwarenmesse eG will receive these data following our data processing contracts. Furthermore, the data protection regulations of Spielwarenmesse eG apply.

For the sake of user-friendliness, Spielwarenmesse eG automatically registers the products of exhibitors participating in the Sustainability category for the new special Toys go Green area. Exhibitors can give their consent or refusal for this in the ToyAward registration form.


Spielwarenmesse eG reserves the right to categorise product entries in its sole discretion into other categories and to withdraw an award if the conditions of participation are breached or if plagiarised work or counterfeits are entered, copyrights or industrial property rights' of third parties are infringed or if provisions under Competition Law are breached.

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