Baby&Infant (0-2 years)

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Globber 5 in 1


A scooter? No, the Globber 5 in 1 is much more than that. It helps the very young find their feet and subsequently transforms into a fully-fledged scooter with just a few adjustments. The Globber 5 in 1 can be easily converted in keeping with the child’s age and abilities, helping to develop their motor skills. The jury was not only impressed with the design, but also how simply the product could be adjusted for the various stages, its high-quality finish and, last but not least, its value for money. In the jury’s opinion, the Globber 5 in 1 is suitable for girls and boys throughout all of infancy and beyond.

PreSchool (3-5 years)

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Junior Kit


With the Revell Junior Kit, parents can get their little ones interested in their own hobby very early on, as it is the perfect entry point into model construction. Young constructors can choose from five assembly kits, including a police car, jeep and fire engine. Thanks to the screw mechanism, which is patent pending, the cars can be built using a screwdriver, no force required. And best of all, the models are so robust that they can even withstand high-speed chases in the child’s room. The solid workmanship and added value also convinced the jury, which named the construction system the winner of the PreSchool category.

SchoolKids (6-10 years)

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Bunch O Balloons

ZURU (distribution: Splash Toys)

Splish, splash! If Bunch O Balloons are nearby, you had better find cover fast if you do not want to get wet! It takes less than 60 seconds to fill and seal 100 water balloons in one go, ready for throwing. It is so simple. Just attach to the tap or garden hose, “load” with water, shake briefly and all of the water balloons tie at once – let the water fight commence! The sure-fired fun also won over the jury, who thought it a superb product at a reasonable price. This money-spinner in the making is the winner of the SchoolKids category (6-10).

Teenager&Family (11+ years)

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Hardly any generation is more comfortable with technology than adolescents: KosmoBits helps teenagers learn how to program through play. With four sensor characters and a controller board, they play through the app, level by level, solving programming puzzles. All with the aim of soon writing their own first programs for the four characters so that they can be used outside of the game. Countless interesting projects await here – from a light-sensitive drawer alarm system to an LED disco which responds to movement. The jury believed this top-quality science kit deserved first place in the Teenager&Family category.

Jurors 2016

Axel Dammler

iconkids & youth, Managing Director

Axel Dammler is Managing Director of iconkids & youth international research GmbH in Munich, Germany’s largest research institute specialised in kids and youth research. He has been working with young target groups since 1992 and has carried out numerous studies in national and international consumer and media markets.

Andrew Dobbie

Gameplan Europe Ltd., Managing Director

As founder of the British consulting company Gameplan Europe, Andrew Dobbie advises and publishes throughout the world on the consumer behaviour of children and products and markets for children and young people. As former European Marketing Director of Mattel Toys Inc, Andrew Dobbie has an extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the international toy industry.

Hans Jörg Iden

duo schreib & spiel, Managing Director

Hans Jörg Iden manages the Berlin retail trade co-operation that covers 430 toy shops in Germany and Austria. The range extends from stationery and toys to products from the creative and lifestyle segments.

Dr. Thomas Märtz

VEDES AG, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas Märtz has worked for VEDES AG since 1999. As the cooperative buying and marketing group with the longest tradition in the German toy industry, VEDES offers SME retailers numerous services and in particular an efficient wholesale platform.

Nadine Müller

Premini GmbH, Managing Director

Nadine Müller has been testing toys with children aged 0 to 14, parents and pedagogical institutions for more than seven years and, as a trend scout, is always on the lookout for premium toys guaranteeing long-lasting playing fun. As a consultant to companies in the toy industry, her customised market research solutions are spoken highly of by those in the know.

Andreas Schäfer

idee+spiel GmbH, Managing Director

Since October 2011, Andreas Schäfer is the managing director at idee+spiel, one of the most successful toy trade co-operations for leisure, hobbies and games. Mr. Schäfer is a trained retail salesman. After working for an EDP-equipment store he got into the toy industry in 1990, where he gained experience over the last 20 years in Germany and abroad.

Vincent Stozicky

JouéClub, France, Commercial Director

Vincent Stozicky has worked for the JouéClub Group for over 25 years and since 2000 as Commercial Director of SIDJ responsible for the import-export and sales platform of the whole JouéClub network and for the development of the corporate image at European level.

Marietheres Waschk

Akademie Remscheid, Social Education Worker and Play Therapist

Following her core studies on working with people with an intellectual disability and sensory impairment and open child and youth work, Marietheres Waschk became a lecturer in the pedagogy of play at the Remscheid Academy and also runs an adventure playground in Cologne, where she conducts projects focused on the pedagogy of play and culture.

Rainer Weiskirchen

TÜV Rheinland, Press Officer

Since 1993, Rainer Weiskirchen works as a spokesperson for TÜV Rheinland, a state-approved independent trade agency that also checks the quality and safety standards of toys. The TÜV Rheinland tests and certifies products according to the German and/or European Consumer Product Safety Act. Their “tested safety” certification mark (GS) guarantees a high quality of products.

Thomas Wodzicki

BAG Spielmobile e.V., Project Manager

Thomas Wodzicki is an educationalist specialized in games. He also works as a teacher of adult education and project developer for the German Federal Association Spielmobile e.V. Spielmobile is a Germany-wide network of working groups and the proper authority for the gap year, usually taken to do voluntary work in the social sector in Bavaria. n mark (GS) guarantees a high quality of products.

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