Baby&Infant (0-2 years)

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Mini Micro 3in1

Micro Mobility Systems Ltd.

Who needs trainer bikes? The kids scooter Mini Micro with seat brings mobility already for one-year-olds. And what is really special: the scooter can metamorphose and grow with its owner. For the youngest it comes with seat and a handlebar, so they are all set to start racing. Once the little racers get older - take away the seat and install the T-bar and the Mini Micro turns into a 'real' scooter. The three wheels provide safety and stability. Steering requires the shifting of the body weight which at the same time trains the kids' motor skills and sense of balance. But the scooter is not only fun, the Micro design makes it a real eye-catcher as well.

PreSchool (3-5 years)

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Spin Master International S.a.r.l.

Appmates by Spin Master International is one of the first toys interacting with the iPad. And it is quite simple: Download a free app with the game from the App Store, move one of the colorful cars from the trendy Disney Cars series onto the touchscreen and off you go... Of course, the game won't hurt the iPad's touchscreen. Whether racing along the highway, making a pit-stop at the garage or at the gas station - this app is a fun way of making kids more skillful. The keen driver will learn by playing including how to master the latest technology - a combination that convinced the jury.

SchoolKids (6-10 years)

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LEGO® Friends: Olivia´s House


The roof tiles are pink, the walls come in a floral pattern, the garden is fit with a canopy swing and the figures' outfits, hairdos and accessories can be styled in different ways - admittedly Lego played on some clichés to win the hearts of little girls with the LEGO® Friends: Olivia´s House. But - yet again - the company had the right sense for their pref-erences, because the Dream House is ideal for the role plays that the young ladies enjoy so very much. House and garden are decorated with lovely details, furniture such as a cozy easy chair can be built or a functional kitchen can be designed. This is a promising attempt to get a larger number of girls involved with the sensible play concept of construction toys!

Teenager&Family (11+ years)

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Huch! & Friends Hutter Trade GmbH

Golden ornaments against a noble black background, a mysterious name - Talat stands for the magic figure of three - and the minimalist, well designed tokens will thrill young and old strategists. The players move three different sizes of towers with three, four and six corners on a three-part board. Both the number of corners and the size of the towers determine whether an opponent's tower can be beat and therefore Talat does not only promote strategic, but also geometric thinking. The board's multi-dimensional set-up - each player moves on two fields - means that he must always watch two opponents at a time.

Jurors 2012

Martin Böckling

Spiel & Spaß GmbH, Managing Director

Martin Böckling, born in 1961, has headed the purchasing/service group subsidiary SPIEL & SPASS and its 220 toyshops since 01 October 2006. Böckling is regarded as a proven trade expert, who earned his first merits at one of Germany’s largest trading and service companies, Stinnes AG.

Axel Dammler

iconkids & youth, Managing Director

Axel Dammler is Managing Director of iconkids & youth international research GmbH in Munich, Germany’s largest research institute specialised in kids and youth research. He has been working with young target groups since 1992 and has carried out numerous studies in national and international consumer and media markets.

Andrew Dobbie

Gameplan Europe Ltd., Managing Director

As founder of the British consulting company Gameplan Europe, Andrew Dobbie advises and publishes throughout the world on the consumer behaviour of children and products and markets for children and young people.

Margit Hoffmann

HOFFMANN COMPANY KG, Managing Director

Margit Hoffmann manages one of the leading wholesalers of toy, sports and leisure articles. The company can look back on 110 years of experience in the toy segment and has many international purchasing relationships.

Hans Jörg Iden

duo schreib & spiel, Managing Director

The Berlin retail trade co-operation covers 430 toy shops in Germany and Austria. The range extends from stationery and toys to products from the creative and lifestyle segments.

Dr. Thomas Märtz

VEDES AG, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas Märtz has worked for VEDES AG since 1999. As the cooperative buying and marketing group with the longest tradition in the German toy industry, VEDES offers SME retailers numerous services and in particular an efficient wholesale platform.

Ruud Schiphorst

Otto Simon, Managing Director

He manages the toy organization „Top 1 Toys” and is CEO of the whohlsalers of toy “Otto Simon” in Almelo in The Netherlands.

Vincent Stozicky

JouéClub, France, Commercial Director

Vincent Stozicky has worked for the JouéClub Group for over 25 years and since 2000 as Commercial Director of SIDJ responsible for the import-export and sales platform of the whole JouéClub network and for the development of the corporate image at European level.

Otto E. Umbach

idee+spiel, Founder of the purchasing co-operation

As founder and present managing director of one of the most successful toy trade co-operations for leisure, hobbies and games, Otto Umbach is an "old hand" in the toy trade. Since completion of his training in the toy trade, he has remained loyal to the industry for decades and possesses valuable and extensive experience.

Dr. Carl-Mikael Wilhelmsson

Dr. Carl-Mikael Wilhelmsson has worked in the toy industry since 1983. He has gained sound knowledge of the international industry through various executive appointments in countries such as Germany, England, Austria, Sweden and the United States. For the last few years he has been engaged in B2B in the toy industry in the fields of product development, placement and M&A.

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